BusinessWorld’s Top 500 corporations in the Philippines, 2015

BusinessWorld published the Top 1,000 corporations 2015 on December that year, representing data for 2014. They are selling it, a thick report. I think it’s not available online even to their subscribers, only hard copy. Inquire here,

I took photos per page. The top 20 biggest corporations in the Philippines in terms of gross revenues in 2014 were:

(1-5) Petron, Meralco, Shell, TI, Nestle; (6-10) Mercury, Toyota, PAL, PMFTC, SanMig Foods;
(11-15) Globe, PLDT, Smart, BDO, Chevron; (16-20) Robina, Puregold, SanMig Brewery, PASAR, Metrobank.

Meralco suffered an 11% decline in revenues in 2014 vs 2013? Why, many users, households and corporations have shifted to low-watts lights, appliances, electronics? Others in the top 50 that suffered a decline in  revenues in 2014 were TI, PLDT, PASAR, Metrobank, Landbank, SMC, Amlife, FGPC.

Those that experienced at least 15% jump in revenues were: Toyota, PAL, Robina, Sunlife, Cebu Air, SunPower, Megaworld, HHIC, Robinsons Supermarket, and PTT.



To the campaigners of “demonize and hate the 1%”, it is not good to pull down the rich and efficient individuals and corporations in society just to close the gap with the very poor. Besides, many of these “big” corporations in the Philippines are just medium size compared to the really big corporations in East Asia, like those huge companies in Japan, China, S. Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, HK, Singapore.


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