Equality vs. equity, sameness vs. fairness, justice vs. laziness

This meme has been circulating in social media for sometime. Equality is not = Justice. Hmmm…

Another one, this time, Equality is not = equity. Hmmm….

Ok. So from the above, there is a definition on (a) equality vs. equity, (b) sameness vs. fairness. Let me add now another dimension, (c) justice and equity vs. laziness. Because I think both illustrations are wrong. Why?

  1. People should be inside the stadium, not outside, if they want to watch live games.
  2. People should be sitting, not standing, especially with a child.
  3. The man and older boy are lazy. If they insist on standing outside, then the man should carry the young boy or toddler in his shoulder, the older boy can help carry the young boy.

Why would people tolerate a situation where a young boy will stand perhaps for hours, and call it equality or equity or what have you? The young boy should be seated; all 3 should be seated. And if I am the guardian or sibling of the young boy, he will sit  on my lap.

Oopss, there’s another variation.

Why can’t people recognize that the younger child, boy or girl, is at a disadvantage in the present because he/she was born later. His/her optimal time is in the future, when the older kids/people become much older and retire.

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