Macroeconomics and Demography, ASEAN + Major Trade Partners

a1My sister’s accounting and auditing firm, Alas Oplas and Co., CPAs (AOC) has produced a new monthly publication, the Business and Economic Update. Issue no. 1 for this month was released last week. I helped in producing that paper.

In the coming months, the publication will tackle sectoral issues like energy, trade and investment, healthcare, agriculture, public finance, and so on.

AOC has many local clients, and some multinationals, doing business in different sectors of the PH economy. The firm is also affiliated with BKR International, a global network of accounting and auditing firms with about 500 partner firms worldwide. AOC is the only partner firm in the PH.

So issue #1 introduces the readers to the macroeconomic view of the PH economy in relation to  its neighbors in the ASEAN, North Asia and South Pacific, Europe and North America. Multinational companies and partner firms of BKR International will find the data useful.

Here are the macro data.

The size of countries’ GDP now is getting more and more related to the size of their population, unlike before. This is because with increasing globalization and global mobility of goods and services across countries and continents, more people have more access to various economic opportunities. Thus, the economic size of countries with bigger population tend  to expand larger than countries with smaller population.

And unemployment data. Underemployment data is not included as there seems to be no internationally-comparable definitions and data.

Check it out guys, thank you.


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