Hello, Welcome

Hello, Welcome to this new supplementary blog to South East Asia Network for Development (SEANET) website. This will discuss various economic, social and political issues in South East Asia from a free market, classical liberal perspective.

SEANET was launched in November 2014 in Hong Kong, during the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia Conference 2014. In the photo, IDEAS CEO Wan Saiful Wan Jan introduced SEANET as a regional think tank, and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as subject of the launching panel discussion.


I will write on issues like trade and investments, tourism and people mobility, climate and energy, politics and  security, taxes and public spending, among others.

seanet3I also do some public and classroom lectures on those topics. For instance, I gave a lecture at a Development Economics class at the Ateneo de Manila University.

A number of  my past and  future articles posted in my original  blog, http://funwithgovernment.blogspot.com, dealing with the region will be posted here.

seanet2SEANET, in partnership with ASEAN People’s Forum (APF), held its first public forum today on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in Kuala Lumpur, with MITI Sec-Gen Rebecca Sta Maria as main speaker.

Please follow on twitter, @SEANET_asia, @IDEASMalaysia, and @Noysky.

Thank you.


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